We are TheFixedGearShop, but friends call us TFGS. We’re a group of people from the Netherlands who ride fixed gear bikes and decided to try to share this passion we have with the rest of the world. We want everyone to get to experience the unique feeling of having one gear fixed to the wheel. We have an online shop where you can pick from a wide collection of bikes and we also sell anything you might need around that. Last year we also opened our first physical shop in Utrecht, so if you’re in the area come by for a coffee and some bike-talk. We’re always up for some bike-talk.

We try to always stay up to date with everything that goes on in the fixed gear world, from crits, to alleycats, to bikes, to videos and we thought, why don’t we share all this with the world. What better way to do that than TFGS Magazine? Here you’ll find all the relevant information about everything fixed gear related. Think that there’s something we should be writing about, are you organizing an alleycat and need some exposure? We’re happy to offer any support we can so don’t hesitate to contact us!