There are multiple crits happening from February till September 2018. Here is a big overview of everything you wanna know!

Date Event Name City Country
25 February EL DIABLO CRIT SERIES El Paso,TX America
28 February Lambro Crit – Via Dalla Strada Milano Italy
4th of March Taipei Riverside Crit Tapei Taiwan
17 March PMG Italian Fixed Club Montecatini Italy
17 March Switch Yard Crit Dallas,TX America
24 March Rad Race Last Man Standing Berlin Germany
25 March Lexington Fixed Crit Lexington, KY America
1 April CPS Criterium Projects 2018:Stage 1 Bangkok Thailand
7 April NL Crit Series Rijswijk Rijswijk The Netherlands
14 April PMG Italian Fixed Cup: Lambro Crit Milan Italy
14 April 8Bar Crit 2018 Berlin Germany
21 April NL Crit Series – Made Crit Near Breda The Netherlands
22 April Fixed Rennen Scanhaus Cup Marlow Germany
21 April Mission Crit San Francisco America
21-22 April Les Boucles d’Or Lyon France
28 April Red Hook Criterium – Brooklyn New York America
19 May Project Fixed – Ravens Criterium Ravenna Italy
19/20 May 1896 CMRR IV: Mani Invitational Kardamyli Greece
20 May Sfidare Crit Kaizu Japan
26 May NL Crit Series – Katendrecht Rotterdam The Netherlands
26 May PMG Italian Fixed Cup: Fiorino Crit Firenze Italy
26 May Grizzly Crit Leipzig Germany
2 June Thundercrit London United Kingdom
2 June NL Crit Series – Hammer Crit Sittard The Netherlands
9 June Waterkant Krit Hamburg Germany
17 June HannoverFXD Crit Hannover Germany
23 June Project Fixed – Rosti Criterium Crespi D’adda Italy
23-24 June NL Crit Series – Haarlem Haarlem The Netherlands
1st July NL Crit Series – Kralingen Rotterdam The Netherlands
7th July National Moutarde Crit Dijon France
7th July Project Fixed – God Save the Cyclist Torino Italy
28th July Project Fixed – Ursus Criterium Trieste Italy
6 August NL Crit Series – Draai van de Kaai Roosendaal The Netherlands
19 August NL Crit Series – Zwanenburg Near Amsterdam The Netherlands
25 August SBSB Crit Berlin Germany
8 September PMG Italian Fixed Cup: Coppa Agostoni Lissone Italy
8 September NL Crit Series – Amsterdam Ortelius Crit Amsterdam The Netherlands
15 September Criterium dei Ponti – V Milan Italy
22 September Brussels City Crit Brussels Belgium
23 September Ullmax Radsporttage Fixed Crit Loitz Germany
29 September NL Crit Series – Final Crit TBA The Netherlands