It’s officially SUMMER TIME! And there’s nothing better than having more free time or actually planning your summer vacation. We hope you will not forget to take your fixie with you and here are 3 essentials that everyone should have while riding their bike in the summer!

Let’s start with that pile of things, but no actual space to put them when you are planning to go the beach or to the city. Front Baskets and Racks are perfect accessories that allow you to store any goods and take them with you on your bike ride if this something you enjoy, if you like other activities like playing casino games, the slotvibe site is also perfect for you. Our collection of front baskets and racks are full of different sizes and shapes, also with a wide price range, so you choose what fits you best!

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BLB Chrome Basket

Our best seller so far is the BLB Chrome Basket, and for good reason. It’s a finely welded chromed mesh basket, supplied with a slim and elegant front wheel stand, all at a great price! Get yours here: CHECK IT OUT!

If you don’t feel like adding a basket to your bike, but still need to put your most important things somewhere why not go for a frame bag? Our frame bags collection can be found here and you will definitely find something you like: CHECK IT OUT!

Restrap Top Tube Bag

We recommend the Restrap Top Tube Bag, whether you’re out for an hour or on a multi-day tour, the Restrap top tube bag is perfectly designed to keep your tools and snacks within reach, so get yours here: CHECK IT OUT!

Good bike lights for those long summer nights are a must have! Lights are a necessity to every bike and we are here to make sure you can see your path and everyone else around you can see you just as well. Choose the best for you here: CHECK IT OUT!

Knog Blinder MINI Dot

Our choice is the Knog Blinder MINI Dot! It is the ideal commuter light, perfect for both riding on well-lit roads at night and as a safety light in daylight for added visibility. Small, USB rechargeable and easy to mount, the hardest part will be choosing a colour! Get yours here: CHECK IT OUT! 

With these essentials and you will definitely be able to carry your six-pack safely anywhere you go this summer!