Mid spring is here and summer is not so far away, which means- bike ride season is open! Oh and we love our fixie rides… But imagine, if you had a perfect gift for yourself or your friend, wouldn’t that be nice? Well, we have great gift ideas for fixed gear bike lovers.

Gift Ideas #1
Ass Savers Original
Spring is nice and the temperature goes high enough for everyone to leave their winter jackets behind, but sadly, no one can escape the rain. Especially if you live in The Netherlands. To tackle this quickly and without adding any extra weight to your bike, we recommend our selection of foldable mudguards. The easiest and fastest way to keep your bike and yourself clean and dry when it’s pouring rain outside


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Whether you commute to work or race in the UCI World tour, the Ass Saver Regular will keep your butt dry and dramatically increase the comfort on cold and wet rides. The latest Ass Saver sports the new FLIP-TIP™ attachment system. Once fitted, simply fold up the tip of the Ass Saver and it will securely lock to the saddle rails. Have no doubt, The fourth generation of Ass Savers is your new best friend. Easy to hook up with, never being a burden and always there to cover your back, no matter what.

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With bike season open, more people are on the roads and streets, which means there is a huge need for a bell! Tired of having to scream at people to get out of your way? Grab a bell and let everyone know you’re there. You can pick from a variety of styles: from classic city bells, to manually painted ones, to the simplistic look of the Knog Oi. Bicycle bells will always come in handy when you’re commuting or going for bike rides in any urban area. We chose a small, but good looking bell from Crane.

Crane bells are made in Osaka, Japan. These traditional designs are timeless and have beautiful clear ring tones. This is the small size bell from Crane, designed to fit any steerer tube, that is plenty loud – 50% louder than the little brass bells that aren’t quite loud enough, and louder even than your typical “ding-ding” bells. Every bike should have one!

Here you can find this amazing bell only for €14,95: CHECK IT OUT!

Gift Ideas #1
Crane Bells

Spring brings in many colors, so why not join it? For this, we have a wide selection of grips and tapes, that will color your bike in any color you want. This is a perfect gift, that will not hurt your wallet, but will bring color to you or your friends life!

Our collection of grips and tapes can be found here: CHECK IT OUT!

Our choice for you is the BLB Button Grips or the Lizard Skin DSP 1.8MM Bar Tape. Both of these choices come in a variety of different color to choose from!

So there you go- 3 different, but useful gift ideas that will make your bike ride even more special. And what a better way to get these cool accessories as a gift!