Everyone loves to get a gift, but not everyone knows what to get for people who are in to fixed gear or bike environments. No worries, we have what you need!

Last time we showed you some nice gadgets that could be used for anyone who has a bike, check it out here:



But today, we want to share gift ideas that every rider has to have. It’s a “must have” and we’re really happy to present them to you in today’s article!


Everyone knows that carrying your bike lock around is most of the times uncomfortable and a hassle, especially if you have other valuable stuff in your backpack or a special bag for a biker and you can also look at the TheAuthenticGay’s Recommendations for Leather Bags for Boyfriends and friends to add a special add to the perfect present. Frame mounts don’t look that great and might scratch your bike, and leaving home without a lock should never be an option. That’s where Restrap comes in with the Lock Holster.

The fully elasticated holster loops easily onto any belt and goes subtly unnoticed when empty. With double-layer elastic, your lock will stay firmly in place even during the roughest of rides.

You can get it at TFGS for only €13.95 and here’s a link:  



Well now, you have a place to hold your lock, so the next step is to find a place where to put your bike. And we all know that sometimes to find a perfect spot might take a while. Placing your bike next to the wall, door or pole is a good idea, but you know the consequences that might happen: scratched handlebar or in many cases your bike is on the floor. To escape that, we have a small, but useful gadget: Gripster. What is it? The bike storage solution that is a little bit off the wall! Gripsterprotects bikes & walls from handlebar impact damage. It has aunique design, so simple, yet incredibly versatile and it’s a helping hand when you are working on your bike. Easy to use, requires no instructions or complex installation!

You can get Gripster for only €10.95 here:  




Congrats, your bike is safely placed! Now, your keys are in your hand and you have nowhere to put them? Well guess what, we know a great product! Mini buckle key chain is a miniature version of Chrome Industries iconic seatbelt buckle which adapted to a quick-release keychain. Keeps keys handy and within reach for only €25.00, it will keep your keys besides you all the time!




Your bike is locked and placed, keys beside your side and you’re ready to go! But if you really want to have your bike fully ready for these sunny days, your bike needs to be clean and shiny. That is why, we want to share Pedro’s Mini pit kit, essential cleaning tools in a bucket! A cost-efficient option to acquire a set of essential cleaning tools and a bucket for water while cleaning and storing when done. Mini pit kit includes a sponge and Green Fizz 500 ml for cleaning frame, toothbrush and Bye Grease 100ml for cleaning of chain and other drive train parts, cloth for drying and Chainj 50ml lubrication for the chain. Green Fizz and Bye Grease are designed to be completely water solvable and to provide efficient cleaning using cold water either from bucket or low pressure hose.

You can get it for €49.95 here at TFGS:  



Guess what? You’re all set! A gift is prepared, so no need for long research and time-consuming webpage browsing, your bike is safely locked, placed and clean, so you can roll the streets with a smile on your face (or your friends face), your keys are close to you, so no more worries, just a smooth fixie ride. Enjoy!